Wedding Planner

Do you need help in organizing your wedding ceremony and reception? I will be happy to support you at every stage and in every scope.


We typically start with a casual meeting, phone call or a videochat to discuss what kind of help you need. 


The services I offer include, but are not limited to: 

  • Finding a perfect place for your wedding, analyzing available offers and going through a contract with the wedding venue,
  • Helping you with choosing the wedding style and creating an individual decor concept,
  • Finding and arranging the best subcontractors from my database and beyond if needed,
  • Creating and managing the wedding budget and wedding preparation schedule,
  • Taking care of various organizational and logistics issues,
  • Providing wedding advice on formal issues and any other,
  • Preparing the wedding day scenario and coordinating of pre-wedding preparations and the event itself,
  • and helping out with everything else you can just imagine

If you are interested and want to talk or meet, please do reach out – you can find details in my contact from.

I will be pleased to send you an illustrative offer outlining my services. Finally, however, I am always preparing an idividual offer for every client. 

Special Day Planner

Do you want to be sure that on your wedding day everything will go perfectly and you will be able to celebrate and have fun?


To make everything easier and reduce stress to the minimum, I will develop a detailed wedding and reception scenario for you and coordinate your reception. I will make sure that everything is in its right place at the right time. During the event, I will watch over the implementation of the planned scenario and solve any potential problem by engaging you as little as possible, so that you can enjoy this day as fully as possible.

The service includes:

  • Live or online meeting – to discuss all the points planned by you and to get to know the details of the vision of your wedding day,
  • Creating a detailed scenario of a wedding and reception in a pdf format,
  • Coordinating of pre-wedding preparations,
  • Coordination of the wedding event – looking after the execution of the scenario and solving potential difficulties, e.g. communication or organizational-wise


Price: 1699 zł 


If you want me to develop the scenario for your Special Day and coordinate the preparation and reception, contact me and we will arrange a meeting CONTACT FORM.

Design Planner

Do you dream of an extraordinary wedding, and you have no idea how to realize it? I will be happy to meet you and create for you an individual decorative concept in the form of a unique catalog containing dozens of photos and ideas for your Big Day.

The service includes:

  • Live or online meeting – to create something especially for you I need to meet you, hear about your wedding dreams and fears,
  • Creating a unique catalog with a decorative concept, designed especially for you in a pdf format
  • Consultations with your decorator and florist regarding the implementation of the concept

You can download the catalog with an example of a decorative concept HERE.


Price: 499 zł


Did you like the sample catalog? The one created especially for you will be even more beautiful and comprehensive! Write to me and we will arrange a meeting. CONTACT FORM.

One Thing Planner

Are you having trouble finding a subcontractor? Do you have doubts about the contract you are going to sign? Are you looking for advice on a different wedding issue? Sometimes even a small thing can cause a lot of problems and better entrust it to a professional.

The service includes:

  • Live or online meeting to discuss the problem,
  • Proposing proven subcontractors in your preferred style and price range,
  • Reviewing a contracts with subcontractors,advice on it or finding a solution to any other issue on which you need help, e.g. wedding styling, consultation on the wedding menu, etc.


Price of the service: individual prices are set from 100 PLN


If you want me to help you with something not mentioned above, let me know! Write to me and I will tell you how I can best support you. CONTACT FORM.

Budget Planner

How much will our wedding cost? This is the most common question that comes from Bride and Groom. I will create for you an individual estimated wedding budget , based on your requirements, expectations and possibilities. I will make it easier for you to track your payment deadlines and ensure that your spending is within the plan.

The service includes:

  • A live or online meeting where we can discuss your wedding plans and financial expectations and possibilities,
  • Creating an individual estimated wedding budget, in line with your requirements in an Excel spreadsheet in the form of a transparent and easy to follow table,
  • In addition, the file includes a special functionality that will help you to ensure timeliness and track whether your budget deviates too much from your estimates

Before you use my help in developing your individual wedding budget, have a look at my personal costs calculator which will show you a bit what cost you have to face when organizing your wedding and reception, you will find it HERE (only in Polish for now).

Price: PLN 299

If you are interested in my help and want me to create an individual wedding budget for you, write to me CONTACT FORM.

Olga Dyrda wedding planner